Old enough to remember the Raleigh Bomber?

Raleigh BomberWe’ve just finished restoring an authentic Raleigh Bomber bicycle in our Coastal Cycles Workshop. The Bomber was one of Raleigh’s 1980’s models standing alongside the Raleigh Chopper, Grifter and Chipper.

Described by Raleigh as follows:

Possibly the meanest machine on the street, custom built for cruising, the bike’s curved frame and giant 26″ x 2.5″ wheels are nothing short of impressive. With either the single speed or three speed version, those mammoth wheels really help you motor. Tough as they come, the Bomber’s foam sprung saddle and wide rise bars with foam rubber grips still offer complete comfort…

Raleigh BomberOur Restored Bomber even features the original lights, which were purchased by the bike’s one owner as an additional accessory on the day the bike was first bought. We believe this to be in 1983 – so our Bomber is 30 year’s old.

Raleigh BomberOur Raleigh Bomber on Littlehampton’s East Beach. The Bomber was designed by Raliegh as a Cruiser and it’s certainly offers a really comfortable ride. With the original 3 speed Sturmey Archer gears, it’s quite a capable machine.

Raleigh BomberThe original Speedometer, which worked by fitting a large wheel similar to a dynamo wheel against the front tyre wall.

Raleigh BomberAbove you can see the wheel which provides the speedometer readings. Notice the reflectors built into the side of the handlebar grips. A cool and innovative feature of the day.

Raleigh BomberRaleigh BomberOur Bomber even has it’s original tyres and side stand.

Raleigh Bomber Coastal CyclesThe Bomber forms part of our private collection of bicycles and is not currently For Sale. If you have a retro bike you’re thinking of selling, please contact us. We’re particularly keen to find a Raleigh Record Road Bike circa 1984.

Raleigh BomberRaleigh Bomber

Arun Yacht Club Dingy Sailors in a Force 7!

Littehampton harbour entrance

Littlehampton HarbourArun Yacht Club Dingy SailingSaturday, 15th June and it’s blowing a hooley in Littlehampton Harbour. One Charter Fishing Boat owner believes it’s blowing a good Force 7 out there and Arun Yacht Club have two brilliant dingy sailors out there flying around the harbour in two Toppers.

Dingy sailing Littlehampton harbourDSCF0384Arun Yacht Club have a very active all-year round Dingy Sailing Section. Regardless of how cold, how wet or how windy, you’ll find some of them out there honing their considerable skills.

For more information on Arun Yacht Club visit their Website.

Arun Yacht Club

Waitrose ‘proudly supporting British farmers’ by importing Vegetables from Chile, Israel and Egypt.

Waitrose Littlehampton proudly supports British Farmers

Waitrose Littlehampton proudly supports British Farmers

Sunday, 9th June 2013 and Waitrose Littlehampton hang out a specially commissioned sign announcing their proud support for British Farmers.

It’s the sort of thing the UK consumer loves – ethical shops like Waitrose supporting local farmers.

As a Waitrose Shopper, I see Waitrose as being probably the only near-ethical supermarket in the UK. However, this sort of blatant misleading claims by Waitrose really does need to be challenged.

Outside the Store, the above proud declaration. It’s enough to make you reach for your Union Jack handkerchief and wipe away a tear from your eyes as you imagine our local farmers finally getting a decent price and fair treatment from the UK’s supermarkets.

But once inside the store, wipe away any teary mist from your eyes and have a quick look at the fruit and vegetable packing to see where most of it originates from.

Far from supporting British farmers, the majority of all the fruit and vegetables in my local Waitrose store comes from comes from abroad.

I appreciate you’d be hard pressed to find a UK grower, let alone a local grower for bananas and pineapples, but what about such everyday produce such as onions and potatoes?

Waitrose LittlehamptonHere’s the label from the 3 onions I bought. Our local West Sussex farmers grow onions, lots of them. I know as some of them are customers of my own shop.

Waitrose Littlehampton ShopSo why then does our local Waitrose source it’s Onions from Chile?

And it’s not just Onions, most of the ‘fresh’ vegetables in Waitrose were from far flung places including Egypt, Kenya and Israel to name but a few.

Surely some farmer in West Sussex is capable of growing spuds for the local supermarkets?

Waitrose ethical produceWaitrose vegetablesWhy does Waitrose import potatoes from Israel?

Waitrose Farm SundaySurely at the moment, when the UK is suffering such an economic downturn, it would be sensible to boost our local economy by buying locally grown sustainable, low-carbon foot print produce?

I wonder how many air miles does it take to import a bag of common garden spuds from Israel all the way to Littlehampton when there are lots of farmers capable of growing these quite literally on our own doorstops?

A couple of years ago I had a long chat with a local farmer who told me he grew his vegetables for the Dutch market, shipping all his produce by road to the Netherlands where he achieved a far higher price from the wholesalers and wasn’t tied to what he refereed to as the ‘commercial handcuffs’ applied by the UK Supermarket chains.

Littlehampton Steam Packet Re-opens

DSCF0305A real example of regeneration in River Road, Littlehampton

The Steam Packet one of Littlehampton’s iconic, historic public houses has re-opened it’s doors after the previous operator ceased trading some years ago.

Now fully refurbished and including holiday letting accommodation, the Steam Packet offers an exciting and delicious menu including locally caught sea food and meat and produce from local farms and suppliers.

Steam PacketSteam PacketLocated just opposite the River Arun, the interior of the pub looks absolutely superb and inviting with a great attention to detail.

In my view, this is a wonderful example of a regeneration project funded by enthusiastic private entrepreneur, Mr Mark Pester, who really has achieved something special with this development, which adds value and character to River Road, Littlehampton.

Steam Packet LittlehamptonThe Steam Packet, which dates back to the 1840’s has a long maritime history.

From 1863 to 1882, the pub was the departing/embarking point for the cross-Channel ferry service of packet ships which operated between Littlehampton and Honfleur.

Located only a few minutes walk from Littlehampton’s town centre and train station, I’d imagine this will be a very popular attraction. Including holiday letting accommodation in the rebuild is a terrific idea with West Beach only a short walk over the red foot/cycle bridge which is just outside the Steam Packet’s door.

Littlehampton Steam PacketImmediately outside the Steam Packet, Littlehampton Harbour Board have created some new trot moorings at Bridge Hard on the East Bank, south of the red footbridge.

Further information on the Steam Packet Pub Littlehampton can be found at the Steam Packets new website.

For further information on the Trot Moorings, please contact the friendly and always helpful staff at the Littlehampton Harbour Board.

Raw Energy Pursuits Littlehampton Swim

Saturday, 8th June 2013 saw the annual Ironman Raw Energy Pursuits Distance Swim in the River Arun, which takes place just a few strokes from Pier Road.

The event is sponsored by L Guess Jewelers, who have shops in Littlehampton and Rustington

With two races – 3.8km Swim & 1.5km here are some pictures from this well attended event, which took place this year in brilliant sunshine.

Click on the pictures to see the larger version.

Littlehampton Ironman Swim

Littlehampton Swim raceRaw Energy Pursuits Littlehampton SwimRaw Energy Pursuits Littlehampton Swim RaceSwim Race LittlehamptonLittlehampton Harbour Swim RaceLittlehampton Swim RaceRaw Energy Pursuits Littlehampton Swim Race 8th June 2013

DSCF0258Littlehampton Harbour LaunchRNLI Littlehampton Littlehampton Harbour Swim Race Raw Energy PursuitsLittlehampton FerryLittlehampton Ironman Swim

Our Dog, Benny didn’t participate in the race, but he does love to swim.