The Belle proves popular and the Littlehampton harbour welcomes a large visitor..

As previously reported, the Belle cruise boat, which usually operates out of Brighton Marina has spent the week in Littlehampton offering boat trips from Littlehampton to Arundel as part of the Arundel Festival.

The Belle Littlehampton to Arundel trips

The Belle has proved hugely popular amongst locals and tourists who’ve enjoyed the trip from Littlehampton to Arundel as well as bringing visitors to Littlehampton.

The Belle Littlehampton harbourThe Belle returning from a trip to Arundel where it has proved hugely popular.

The Belle Littlehampton harbour 2Passengers for the Belle queue awaiting it’s arrival from Arundel.

For those who’ve missed out, the Belle is still running trips between Littlehampton and Arundel today, Friday, and over this coming weekend. Pick up and disembarkation point is Pier Road just opposite Coastal Cycles.

Another visiting vessel to Littlehampton Harbour earlier in the week was the MV Islay Trader, which also pulled the crowds. This cargo ship being one, if not thee largest vessel to enter and leave Littlehampton Harbour. Apparently it was taking metal sheeting for use in the construction of the new Sea Defences – a joint project led by the Environment Agency and Arun District Council.

Islay Trader 1Excited crowds gather on Littlehampton Pier to watch the arrival of the Islay Trader.

Islay Trader 2The Islay Trader edging its way into Litlehampton Harbour.

Islay Trader 3The Pier Road Ferry stands by as the Islay Trader squeezes past on route to Railway Wharf.

Islay Trader 4Making its way down towards the Wharf. The red footbridge has parted to allow it to enter through.

Sadly, we’re now entering the last week of August as many visitors prepare to head for home to get ready for another school term.

And, Pier Road faces an uncertain future as it’s not long now before the Environment Agency proposed new sea defence work begins and Pier Road will be closed to vehicular traffic as well have boarding stretching along its length approximately 1.5 metres from the restaurants and shop windows.

Littlehampton Harbour 2Take a last view of the tide lapping up against the wall in Pier Road as this landscape is soon to be given the ‘regeneration brush’.

For years, all ages has stood and watched the tide rise and fall along this road. Stand here on a busy summer’s day and you’ll hear grandparents explaining to their excited, fascinated grandchildren how the tide comes and goes. They’ll watch fascinated as the dry areas are overtaken with the rising tide. Or, marvel as the tide ebbs away.

Littlehampton HarbourAs it is now above,

riverfrrontAs it was, above

As it will be in the future, below.

ADC Plan for Pier Road

Milly from Spirit FM visits Littlehampton RNLI

Friday 16th August 2013.

SPIRIT FM’s Milly’s Mystery Tour visits Littlehampton Harbour.

Milly Luxford from Spirit FM visits Littlehampton Harbour  as part of her mystery tour and was whisked out to sea by Action Boat accompanied by the entire crew of Littlehampton’s RNLI.

Spirit FM at RNLI LittlehamptonDespite the cloudy, overcast dull morning, the rain held off as Milly was whisked out to Sea in the capable hands of Nick Tree, Action Boat’s MD accompanied by the entire crew of Littlehampton RNLI.

Milly from Spirit FMMilly from Spirit FM being helped into Littlehampton’s RNLI D Class lifeboat earlier this morning.

Milly from Spirit FM getting into Action BoatMilly safely transferred onboard Action Boat’s high powered RIB.

Action Boat have proved a very popular and welcomed addition to Littlehampton Harbour offering a range of powerboat experiences including adrenaline rides, river trips, sea safaris and corporate events. They also run the Littlehampton Ferry on behalf of Littlehampton Town Council and their commercial partners.

Spirit FM Radio StationMilly from Spirit FM on Action boat and the RNLI Lifeboats head out to sea for Millie’s Mystery Tour.

RNLI Littlehampton Blue Peter 1Blue Peter 1, Littlehampton’s famous RNLI lifeboat leaving the harbour for this morning’s event. The RNLI have an open-door policy at the Littlehampton Lifeboat Station and proves very popular with visitors of all ages. There’s also a great gift shop onsite selling a range of RNLI souvenirs and memorabilia.

Milly later broadcasted live from the RNLI Littlehampton’s Station chatting with the crew and giving an interesting overview of how the RNLI manages to do such great work.

To find out more about volunteering or fundraising opportunities with the RNLI Littlehampton visit their Website Here – or  pop in any day to the RNLI Station at Littlehampton.

Brighton Sea Cruises to Visit Littlehampton

Sussex Sea Charters will be basing their beautiful cruise boat – The Belle in Pier Road, Littlehampton where they’ll be running boat trips to Arundel.

The initiative is part of the Arundel Festival which runs from the 17th August to 26th August.

The operators say that if the trips prove popular they’ll look to introducing a regular service for the next season.


The Belle which will be moored in Pier Road just below the Harbour Board offices will be operating trips to and from Arundel as part of the Arundel Festival.

Arundel Festival is well worth a visit  with lots going on for all ages including the very popular Gallery Trail.

Now the Travellers have gone, time for Arun District Council to get back to normal.

Travellers Littlehampton seafront update 3Now our fearless Travelling Friends (pictured above enjoying them themselves to their little hearts content) have travelled off to be a pain for someone else, it’s safe for Arun District Council’s jobsworths to crawl out from Candy Floss Towers and deal with the District’s real problems.

First up was my neighbour, a hard-working, tax-paying middle aged lady out walking the seafront with her small dog who found herself surrounded by two of Arun District Council’s Dog Police who threatened her with a £1000 fine for walking her dog while not on a lead. She was let off with a stern warning.

Next up is an Ice Cream seller in Bognor Regis who has received a written warning from Arun District Council for breaching the terms of his lease for the selling a whipped ice cream with a 99 Flake.

You might want to read that again.

Apparently, as an Arun District Council Concession holder, he’s allowed to sell whipped ice cream by Arun District Council, but is not allowed sell an ice cream with a flake.

And, wait for it – someone saw one of his customers walking along Bognor Regis Seafront eating an ice-cream with a flake – and complained to Arun District Council, who’ll you’ll be glad to know took immediate action by threatening to revoke the Concession holder’s lease.

He can however, sell both items separately and not be in breach of his Lease.

So buying an ice cream from his seafront kiosk works like this:

‘Here’s your ice-cream but you’ll have to put your own flake in it”

That’s perfectly legal in Arun District Council.

But, were he to dare to say:

“Here’s an ice cream with your flake in it..”

Arun District Council threaten to revoke his lease.

Damage to Littlehampton Seafront.Above an example of the damage and destruction caused recently on the seafront where little or no action was taken.

But for a Council Concession holder to sell an ice cream with a flake and your lease will be revoked.

Why didn’t they just prohibit him from selling ice cream if it was going to create such a problem?

You won’t be surprised to know that the book below is one which Arun District Council purchased for their Chief Executive and billed it to the tax payer.

Arun District Council public spending

Littlehampton is back to its brilliant best.

The Travellers have left the Seafront and Littlehampton is back to its brilliant best.

With the terrific weather, great winds and school holidays, Littlehampton Harbour is again alive and kicking. This year we’re seeing a huge increase in visitor boats to Littlehampton Harbour, many of whom have sailed from the Netherlands, France and Germany.

Three Brothers Sailing Boat LittlehamptonThe Three Bothers is one of Littlehampton’s most iconic local sailing boats and can be seen moored at it’s mooring just below the RNLI Station.

Sailing in Littlehampton Harbour 3Sailing in Littlehampton HarbourSailing in Littlehampton harbour 5Sailing in Littlehampton 4Sailing in Littlehampton harbour 6Littlehampton HarbourLittlehampton Harbour 3Benny swimming in River ArunBenny swimming in River Arun 2Benny, the Pier Road Diaries dog is back swimming in his favourite place on Littlehampton’s West Bank.

And, our other ‘visitors’ have gone….

Littlehampton Seafront greenswardAs soon as the Traveller’s  left, Arun District Council’s Park’s Department moved in, cleaned up, repaired the fencing and the damaged lawn area.

Arun District Council repair the fencesFull Credit must be given to Arun District Council’s Parks Department for this incredibly quick clean, repair and turn around from what it was.

Damage to Littlehampton Seafront.East Beach Cafe LittlehamptonThe East Beach Cafe – Littlehampton’s iconic Seafront Beach Cafe.