Pier Road’s historic kiosk now removed

Pier Road 5In it’s heyday, Pier Road’s green kiosk played an important part in the road’s fishing and tourist economy. For years it was operated as a fishing tackle shop by Mr Moore. Sadly, when Mr Mooore retired the kiosk’s new owners (for reasons best known to themselves) decided not to reopen it as a fishing kiosk and it fell into a derelict and sadly unloved state.

Yesterday, Wednesday 27th November, saw its final demise to make way for the new Sea Defence wall.

Pier Road Kiosk 1The kiosk being emptied ready to be dismantled.

Pier Road Kiosk 3VolkerStevin’s workers preparing to remove the roof. (I’m always grateful to them for allowing me to take their pictures and for poke around the perimeter fencing with my camera. If you’re down in Pier Road do say hello to them as they’re a friendly and helpful crew.

Pier Road Kiosk 4Walls are coming off…

Pier Road Kiosk 5All that remains is the handrail.

Pier Road Kiosk 6The Kiosk finally gone with only the walkway remaining.

Pier Road, Littlehampton

Pier Road, Littlehampton

This early picture of Pier Road, pre-dates the building of the Kiosk, but as you can see the wooden walkway was in place at this time.

Coming next – the latest update on the scheme’s progress and an Interview with Eric Smethurst, Public Liaison Manager for VolkerStevin, the scheme’s contractors.

600 Santas Dash along Littlehampton Seafront

On Sunday, over 600 Santas dashed along Littlehampton Seafront to raise money for St Barnabas Hospice. 100 more Santas than had been hoped for!

St Barnabas Santa Dash Littlehampton seafront 2Santas and their supporters warm up to Splash FM before participating in the 3km Santa Dash.

Littlehampton Mayor Councillor Joyce BowerLittlehampton Mayor, Councillor Joyce Bowyer officiated at the event.

St Barnabas Chief Executive Hugh LowsonSt Barnabas Hospice’s Chief Executive, Hugh Lowson gave an overview of the wonderful work St Barnabas Hospice does, and as he pointed out: ‘Only thanks to the enormous support and goodwill of our volunteers many of whom are here today.’

St Barnabas Santa Dash Littlehampton seafront 4Dogs were especially welcome and a number ran with their owners.

St Barnabas Santa Dash Littlehampton seafront 3600 Santas line up at the start line in Bango Road Car Park, Littlehampton for the 3km route, which took in Mewsbrook Park and Littlehampton Seafront. Hot drinks were provided at the finishing Point by the East Beach Cafe.

St Barnabas Santa Dash Littlehampton seafront 5Press photographers, families and friends take a final picture before the off.

St Barnabas Santa Dash Littlehampton seafront 6The somewhat bizarre, but absolutely magnificent sight as 600 Santas Dash along Littlehampton’s South Terrace at the start of the 3KM Route.

This is the first time St Barnabas has run their Santa Dash in Littlehampton. They were hoping for 500 participants, but in the managed managed to attract over 600  – a truly splendid turn out for Littlehampton and a great event for all those who watched and took part.

Littlehampton Sea Defence Works hampered by bad weather, broken machinery leading to ongoing delays

And further delays expected….

Not the best of news, I’m afraid.

The Environment Agency have confirmed that Littlehampton’s Sea defences have already fallen approximately two weeks behind. Andrew Walker from the Environment Agency explained earlier the problems they’ve experienced.

Andrew says: “We have encountered a number of issues on site during the first 4 weeks of construction. Firstly, poor weather and high winds in the first two weeks led to some delay in the building of the crane.

Secondly, we have encountered some problems building the very large steel piling gate which allows us to drive steel piles into the ground. It’s extremely important to get this correct.

Thirdly, the brand new crane which is being used to move the heavy steel for the piling gate and to drive the piles has developed a major mechanical fault.”

So, how will this impact on the end date for the completion of the scheme?

Andrew says: “Whilst we are all working extremely hard to manage and resolve these issues, the combination of these factors has currently occurred a delay in progress in the order of two weeks. We have plans in place to resolve these issues, but at the current time, there is the potential for the duration of the current delays to increase.”

Littlehampton Sea Defences crane workSpecialists are now working on the crane in an attempt to repair it. The major problem described by Andrew is that the engine has seized believed to be caused by a loss of all its oil during operation. Unfortunately, it appears replacing the engine isn’t going to be easy owing to the logistical problems in the relatively small area where the crane operates.

Some better news in that Pier Road’s and Littlehampton’s only and best fresh fish kiosk is now open for business after being swung into it’s new position just opposite the Nelson Public House.

Riverside Fish LittlehamptonRiverside Fish Kiosk is now open again for business and customers today were enjoying buying some of Littlehampton’s freshest fish.

Fish Mongers in LittlehamptonIf you haven’t already sampled the fresh fish from Riverside Fish, pop down and taste the difference between supermarket – factory-farmed fish and the real thing caught off our beautiful shores as well as further afield. Simon (pictured above) is an ex-commercial fisherman and his wealth of knowledge in how to prepare (ask him nicely and he’ll do it for you) and cook fish is second to none.

Understandably, there is a growing sense of frustration and despair amongst traders in Pier Road as we’re looking at a road which is now closed with little or nothing appearing to be going on in it.

Littlehampton Sea DefencesThis picture taken earlier today, Friday, 22nd November shows Pier Road over a month on since the works began and the only apparent difference being the removal of the litter bins and the Fish Kiosk moved to it’s new location.

However, Andrew Walker from the Environment Agency is more reassuring about this saying: “We have built periods of non-productive time, (it’s called ‘float’ in project manager terms) into our programme of works for poor weather. This means we are able to tolerate a certain amount of weather delay and still meet out key dates.”

Another notable development is that the Environment Agency’s Public Drop In Centre is now up and running and is located just above the Oyster Pond (just behind Riverside Fish Kiosk) and is manned by the very amenable Eric Smethurst who is VolkerStevin’s Public Liaison Manager.

Environment Agency Visitor information centre LittlehamptonThe Environment Agency’s Public Drop in Centre is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays – 8am to 4pm. Outside of these hours, Eric is not too far away and can usually be found somewhere on site.

The long awaited “Pier Road Open for Business signs” have now gone up at all the major road closed junctions and a special thanks to John Edjvet, Arun District Council’s Regeneration Officer/Town Centre Manager for taking the lead and erecting smaller signs in all of Arun District Council’s seafront notice boards and also for arranging signage to be placed at the Flintstones Centre in Littlehampton Town Centre.

Pier road open for businessJohn Edjvet from Arun District Council’s signage on along Littlehampton promenade.

Finally, please, please remember that Pier Road is open as usual for business and we’d love to see you here. We’re all extremely grateful for those regular customers who have continued to support our businesses during what is a difficult time.

Remember, or if you’re not aware, if you’re visiting Pier Road there is ample free parking in West Green Car Park – this is the car park just outside the Windmill. Look for the signs as you drive in. If you’re coming from the opposite direction to Pier Road – as in from New Road the double lines along Pier Road are seasonal and not currently enforced. You can usually find short term parking along here if you’re visiting Pier Road.

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And do, please come and visit us.

Finally,  500 Santas are due to visit Littlehampton Seafront all in aid of raising funds for St Barnabas Hospice. The event, the first of it’s kind will be run this Sunday starting at 11am. Competitors can sprint, jog or walk a 3km route (about 2 miles) from Banjo Road Car Park.

If you’d like to be one of the 500 Santas, please visit St Barnabas Hospice Website registration page listed below. If not, make sure you pop along on Sunday morning to cheer them on and help them with their fundraising.

To register visit here.

Shoreham’s Adur Ferry Bridge Officially Opened.

Opening of Shoreham's Adur  Ferry Bridge 3His Royal Highness, the Duke of Gloucester officially opened Shoreham’s Adur Ferry Bridge earlier today, Wednesday, 13th November 2013.

Opening of Shoreham's Adur Ferry Bridge 4Large crowds gathered to watch the official opening ceremony of this impressive swinging bridge. The Bridge, designed and constructed by Osborne’s has taken just over a year to complete at a cost of just over £10 million. Money has been provided via a number of sources including Sustrans (the walking and cycling charity) and Heritage Lottery funding.

Shoreham Adur Ferry Bridge openAs the Duke officially opened the Bridge, the centre opening of the bridge began to swing round to it’s closed position in what appeared to be an effortless, silent motion.

Shoreham Adur Ferry Bridge open 2The bridge closing.

Shoreham Adur Ferry bridge open 3Waiting for the bridge to close.

Adur Ferry BridgeDignitaries led by HRH The Duke Of Gloucester lead the first party across the river where they met residents from Shoreham Beach. 96 year-old Jack Lucking  then led thousands of Shoreham residents across the bridge in the brilliant sunshine.

Shoreham Adur Ferry Bridge 3Shoreham Beach residents make their way across towards Shoreham.

Shoreham Adur ferry bridge 4Shoreham Adur Ferry bridge 5The Bridge, which is superb and offers great views as well offering protection from the elements will be used by walkers, cyclists and mobility scooter users.

There was a real carnival atmosphere in Shoreham-by-Sea earlier today and the celebrations are ongoing with a firework finale scheduled for later this evening. Shoreham residents led by local school children are going to perform a massive Conga to celebrate the bridge’s opening.

This is an excellent, real life example of regeneration and although Shoreham beach residents have been without their footbridge for over a year while this new bridge was being built, there was real agreement amongst those that I spoke to that the wait had been worth it.

Shoreham Adur ferry bridge 6

A Giant 160 tonne Crane has arrived in Pier Road

At the moment, work is ongoing to ‘rig’ the gigantic 160 tonne crane that has just arrived in Pier Road, Littlehampton ahead of next week’s scheduled piling works.

This massive crane is so big that it had to be transported in sections. The caterpillar tracks are so big (weighing approximately 7 tonnes) that each one had to be transported separately in their own 40ft articulated trailer. Crane in Pier RoadPictured above is one of the two 40ft articulated trailers needed to transport the caterpillar tracks, which have come all the way from Austria and have been built especially for the new crane.

Crane in Pier Road 2Unloading one of the two giant caterpillar tracks, which weigh approximately 7 tonnes. Just looking at the size of the articulated trailer needed to transport each one, gives you an idea as to just how big these are.

Crane in Pier Road 3You get some idea of the enormity of these tracks in the picture above.

CraneThe crane pictured above, which itself is an impressive size at 60 tonnes is being used to ‘assemble’ or rig –  to give the procedure its correct technical term – the 160 tonne crane.

Crane in Pier Road 4The Track is then lined up and fitted to the main body of the crane.

Crane in Pier Road 5Here you can see the second crane working on rigging the giant 160 tonne crane, which when fully rigged will have the potential to reach over 70 metres. Although the engineers advise that they don’t anticipate needing this full range.

Largest craneAll fits together like a giant lego set.

largest crane everIn the foreground you can see the ‘jibs’ which go to make up the main arms of the crane. These are white tubular space frame parts and there are different jib arrangements depending on the work being undertaken.

This amazing crane has the potential to lift a mass of 140 tonnes with only a very short reach, say 4 metres. Given the relatively narrow working conditions in Pier Road, it’s easy to see why this crane is needed.

The sheet steel piles which will be used to build Littlehampton’s Sea Defences are a staggering 20 metres in length and weight over 4 tonnes each. The crane is expected to reach about 50 metres while holding a pile.

Largest Crane at night 2A picture (above and below)  taken earlier tonight (Thursday, 7th November) of the crane in Pier Road.

Largest crane at nightAs always, a big thanks to Andrew Walker from the Environment Agency for sharing the technical information with us.

If you get a spare moment, then do pop down to Pier Road to see this crane in the flesh. Rigging is still ongoing and it’s fascinating to watch.

We’ve been advised that piling works starts next week.