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Pier Road Fish Kiosk takes to the air on route to its new home

Despite the high winds and difficult conditions, Littlehampton’s favourite Fish Mongers took to the air today on route to its new temporary home.

Fish Kiosk moving 1Preparations underway this morning (Wednesday, 6th November 2013) to move the Kiosk.

Although work began on moving the kiosk a couple of weeks ago, but various technical difficulties delayed it removal until finally this morning it was ready to go.

Fish Kiosk moving 2All ready for lift off.

Fish Kios moving 3The Kiosk is now off the ground.

Fish Kiosk moving 4All going well as the kiosk moves to the left of the picture ready to be swung over the Hares fencing.

Fish Kiosk moving 6Moving towards the Hares fencing..

Fish Kiosk moving 7Over the Hares fencing and almost there – just the matter of a BT phonebox (yes we still have one in Pier Road..) to negotiate over.

Fish Kiosk moving 8Riverside Fish Kiosk as you’ve never seen it before.

Fish Kiosk Moving 9Look at that tight squeeze with the BT Phonebox.

Fish Kiosk moving 10Almost there.

Fish Kiosk moving 11Riverside Fish safely in it’s new home. What a perfect fit.

The kiosk which was believed to weigh 4 tonnes, actually gave a true weight of 6 tonnes when under the lifting straps, which meant further adjustments were necessary before it could take to the air.

While this was all going on, the larger crane arrived in Arun Parade ready to take up its place. This larger crane, circa 100 tonnes  pictured below will be used to lift in the giant sheet piling that will create the framework for the sea defences.


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0 thoughts on “Pier Road Fish Kiosk takes to the air on route to its new home”

  1. morrisinla says:

    Very prompt, Paul! Much better than mine – may have to go get a new camera!

    I understood the bigger crane is here only to erect the crawler that will carry the piles and pile driver, the rest of which arrives later this morning. It’s a brand new machine, straight from the makers, and this will be the first time it has been put together! (will take a few days)

    1. Terry Ellis says:

      To now be known as “The Flying Fish Hut”

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