Friends of Shoreham Air Crash victim, Matt Jones release a moving tribute

A group of Matt Jones friends have released a moving tribute to Littlehampton’s Matt Jones who lost his life in the Shoreham Air Crash.

The track “Bridge of Flowers” is a moving song dedicated to those who lost their lives, their friends and family, who are left behind.

Speaking in this week’s Littlehampton Gazaette, Singer-songwriter Nino Vydeenaden, 21 explanied that he’d known Matt through friends for a number of years and when he’d died he decided to write a song. Joined by fellow singer-songwriters Jack Hibbert, 19 and Fred Edwards, 22 the three composed the song Bridge of Flowers.

Released on SoundCloud by StreeetPoets.

The band consists of:

Fred Edwards (FreddyE) Bars
Jack Hibbert (Furii) Bars
Nino Vydeenaden (NinoV) Vocals


You can listen to the very moving and beautiful Bridge of Flowers here.

Matt Jones, Remembered

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