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Will the Environment Agency ever finish Littlehampton’s Flood Defences?

Despite spending in excess of £22.5million on flood defences in Littlehampton Harbour, the Environment Agency still have not completed the flood defence works – and a massive gap still remains in the new flood defence wall. Hard to believe, that it was back in September 2012, the Environment Agency began constructing Littlehampton’s flood defence scheme.

Why aren’t the Environment Agency supporting UK steel industry

This week sees the sad and shock announcement that Redcar steel works in the North East of England has been put into liquidation threatening 2,200 jobs. Given the enormous, ongoing massive investments in building new  flood defences, why is the Environment Agency continuing to source steel from abroad? I’ve repeatedly put this question to the

Concerns regarding Littlehampton’s Flood Defence Works grow.

Residents of Littlehampton’s West Beach area, have expressed concerns that the Environment Agency’s Flood Works, taking place on the Littlehampton’s East Bank are  putting their homes at increased risk of flooding. Their concerns have been dismissed by Andrew Andrew Gilham, the EA’s  flood and coastal risk manager, as ‘categorically untrue.’ I share the residents concerns