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Why aren’t the Environment Agency supporting UK steel industry

This week sees the sad and shock announcement that Redcar steel works in the North East of England has been put into liquidation threatening 2,200 jobs. Given the enormous, ongoing massive investments in building new  flood defences, why is the Environment Agency continuing to source steel from abroad? I’ve repeatedly put this question to the

Pier Road finally re-opens after 18months

Closed since 21st October 2013, Pier Road’s new riverside walkway and road finally re-opened today. I have been following the construction of Littlehampton’s flood defences and have taken in excess of 3,000 photographs of the works at every stage. It’s impossible to put them all together in one post, so here’s some of my favourites,

Works reveal old road surface

As West Sussex County Council’s Highway’s Contractors began work on scraping off the old Pier Road surface to make ready for the new, they revealed a rare glimpse into Pier Road’s cobbled past. Contractors machinery running along Pier Road and scraping off the original road surfacing. Owing to the poor sub-structure in Pier Road, it’s

Are VolkerStevin really deserving of a £14.5 million Sea Defence contract?

The Environment Agency, a much derided government quango, have appointed their favourite contractor, VolkerStevin to construct Littlehampton’s £14.5 million sea defence scheme. Thus far, this contractor has not only managed to fall seriously behind in terms of its finishing timescales  – the original dates being July 2014 – now expected to be at least March