The Mooring’s Tea Rooms in Pier Road, Littlehampton are closing.

With regret and sadness, the proprietors of Pier Road’s much loved MooringsTea Rooms have announced they are closing their business on Tuesday, 20th December 2016. Joint owners, mother and daughter team, Kay and Hannah have issued a statement explaining why they’re closing this very popular and much loved tea rooms. Kay’s letter is reprinted below:

Travellers now occupying Littlehampton Seafront Car Park

Updated – Travellers left Littlehampton on Sunday 27th November and last seen heading along the A27 past Chichester towards Portsmouth area. Littlehampton’s Banjo Road, seafront car park is now home to a large number of travellers. All vehicles have foreign registration marks, which include a Bentley and other expensive luxury cars.Easy access to the seafront

High Blood Pressure, the silent killer.

Have you got high blood pressure? I’m prompted to write this post after talking to a friend of mine who sadly lost their father during the summer. Their father, an otherwise active, healthy man suddenly became ill in front of them and passed away in moments. The cause of his death, attributed to complications arising

Littlehampton GP Surgeries in Crisis.

Littlehampton’s GP Surgeries are in crisis. Sadly and to the determinant of 7,000 plus patients, one of Littlehampton’s largest GP Surgeries, Arun Medical Group have closed their doors. Speaking to the Littlehampton Gazette Sister Rachel Priest and DR Oliver Middleton from the surgery said: “It was with deepest regret, sadness and frustration that we had

Littlehampton Town Centre Drunks

Anyone else had enough? On Saturday 5th March 2016, I shopped in Littlehampton town centre as I regularly do. However my visit was marred by the ongoing drunken arguments and abuse by Littlehampton’s town centre resident drunks. If you visit the town, you’ll be familiar with them. They cluster in areas, drinking, swearing, spitting and