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Safety concerns grow in Littlehampton Harbour

Arun District Council’s recently completed new rirverside walkway in Littlehampton is giving rise to serious concerns regarding safety regarding the durability of the walkway’s new safety rail. When these safety rails were being installed, a local resident in Pier Road who has some degree of experience and expertise with these type railings expressed his concerns

The Miracle of Littlehampton Harbour

Littlehampton Harbour and river is the only harbour in the world to have intelligent water. The EA’s sea defence proposals only include building on one side of the harbour and river, this being the East Side. Therefore, full credit must be given to the Environment Agency for working out that the water flowing in and

Littlehampton Pier Road returns to normal.

27th October, 2012. As promised by the Environment Agency, they have completed their initial exploratory works in time for the arrival of half-term and Pier Road and its surrounding environs are now free from any road works. What was apparent during the recent road works was the problems with traffic management. As you can see

Pier Road Regeneration Plans on Hold?

As we’ve come to expect, after a number of high-profile publicity announcements by Arun District Council and the Environment Agency regarding their proposed ¬£12m Flood Defences and Pier Road Regeneration, silence. When the silence became so deafening, I decided to email the Chief Executive of Arun District Council, Nigel Lynn¬† to ask for an update.