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Does this look like it’s suitable for disabled access?

With over £14.5 million pounds of your hard earned money being spent ‘regenerating’ Littlehampton’s Pier Road (and surrounding environs) you’d imagine that the least the Project Manager, Peter Borseberry could achieve would be a suitable ramp allowing disabled people enjoy a boat trip in our lovely harbour? (remember to click on the pictures to blow

Update: Littlehampton Sea Defences, £400,000 Crane Bridge arrives

The massive £400,000 Crane Bridge is currently being installed in Pier Road. This enormous structure will carry the crane along Pier Road as it drives in each pile. Environment Agency’s sea defence contractor VolkerStevin appeared to have overcome, what has so far proved the greatest engineering challenge in the construction of  Littlehampton’s Sea Defences by

Last views of Pier Road prior to the Sea Defence work starting.

Taken on Sunday, 20th October 2013. Pier Road’s popular Fisk Kiosk will remain open throughout the works (as will most of Pier Road businesses), but will be relocated to the other side of the road during the temporary road closures. Please note that all businesses who open throughout the year, will remain open during the