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Littlehampton Sea Defence Works gets underway.

The first in what I aim to be regular pictorial updates on the Sea Defence Works taking place in Pier Road, Littlehampton. Week 1 At 5.35pm on Monday, 21st October, Pier Road was closed to vehicular traffic. An eerie quiet descended on Pier Road as the traffic suddenly stopped but this was short lived as

Littlehampton is back to its brilliant best.

The Travellers have left the Seafront and Littlehampton is back to its brilliant best. With the terrific weather, great winds and school holidays, Littlehampton Harbour is again alive and kicking. This year we’re seeing a huge increase in visitor boats to Littlehampton Harbour, many of whom have sailed from the Netherlands, France and Germany. The

Arun District Council’s Sea Front Car Park Charges

Earlier this year, Arun District Council announced it’s intention to increase the parking charges in Littlehampton seafront. This a popular place for our visitors to park. The increases proposed were to increase the 1 hour charge by double, from £1 to £2. 4 hours will cost you a staggering £7  – thus making parking in

Pier Road Stolen Van

On Tuesday, 26th March 2013, Sussex Police Diving Team arrived in Pier Road to recover a Verdant Van which had been stolen some days earlier. The van had been driven into the river at some speed so that it was completely submerged with only a small section of its roof visible at the lowest tide.

Littlehampton Sea Defences

After  months of nothing….. Shortly after my last posting in January, the Environment Agency appears to have woken up from it’s winter slumbers. First, a telephone call from Peter, the Project Manager to one of Pier Road traders assuring us that the proposed sea defences plans are still most certainly on. Then, a nice Press